I'm Ziyu.

A passionate PhD student.

With Economic/Computer Science background.

Research Projects

I am currrently working on.

DRFEWS: Impacts of Deglobalization on the Sustainability of Regional Food, Energy, Water Systems

Regional Integrated Modeling of Farmer Adaptations to Guide Agroecosystem Management in a Changing Climate

Global Disruption Due to Covid-19: Evaluating the Potential Impact on the Ohio Economy

Papers in progress.

Ziyu Guo, "Modeling the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Energy Certificates Schemes in the U.S. Electricity Market"

A dynamic game model which include two players-a representative renewable energy firm and a representative black energy firm, who competeting with each other in U.S. electricity market, under two differnt policys setting.

Ziyu Guo, Yongyang Cai, Ian Sheldon, "International Model of Agricultural Trade and Impacts on Great Lake Region"

A trade model which includes three players. Two exporters (U.S., Brazil) play dynamic games with each other in international soybean market. China as an importer, by maxing its profit, provides demand curves for the market.

Yongyang Cai, Ziqian Gong, Ziyu Guo, Elena Irwin, "Computable General Equilibrium Model of The Great Lakes Region with Integration of Dynamic Regional Model"

A Computable General Equilibrium(CGE) Model that represents the county-level demand and supply of food, energy, water, manufacturing and services.

Yongyang Cai, Brian Cultice, Ziqian Gong, Ziyu Guo,Elena Irwin,Ian Sheldon,Alan Randall, Jeff Bielicki, Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of A Regional Economy on Food, Energy and Water Systems

A dynamic stochastic multi-sector regional economic model that represents the regional demand and supply of food, energy, water, manufacturing and services.

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What I am passionate about.


Quantitative Modeling | Structural estimation

Parallel Computing | GPU Programming

Data Science

Machine learning | Tensorflow

Python | SQL/NoSQL


Python | Matlab


Web Development

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